Thursday, April 3, 2008

MY Romance Block

I finally got the photo downloaded for my personal started block of the Crazy for Quilting Round Robin. I had some leftover fabric from making Valentine and Early Spring Aprons for work that I thought the Romance Quotes with pinks, lavenders and chocolate fabric would make a good starter Block and I also make a little notebook to match to send with so that all the crazy quilters who embellish the block from all over the world can leave a little note with the block. My quilt blocks will do more traveling abroad then myself and don't need to have a passport to do any of it. Some of the quotes are very sweet and others have a meaning behind them. I will be adding some of the quotes to other of the Romance Blocks in the group that I am exchanging with if they would like a quote. Janet's Block has a quote that reads True love is a sacred flame that burns eternally, And someone can emit a special glow or change it's destiny. I'm not sure if anyone can read the quote that is on the block that is in a previous blog.