Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Finally Back!

I am finally back to start using my blog again. I know that I will be able to finally post photos again of all of the current quilt and craft projects that are working on. I haven' t been able to do this for a few years because my camera broke, laptop crashed & husband has taken his time getting the desktop setup. I finally found that I can use my new smartphone for photo downloads and my nook tablet to add the text to the blog. I'm starting to get use to using some of the new tech toys and how I can combine them into working together. I might just need to get a tablet to take photos and use with my printer.

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Been Gone so Long.

I haven't written on my blog for over a year. I have a lot of catching up to do. I have had a lot of family issues and are finally getting all those things in order. I am thinking about doing some dolls clothes and selling them with a couple of other ladies that do Craft fairs. I don't always have the time to personal go but I can maybe help them set up and have product available to sell. It will help lower my stash of Fancy and regular fabric down so that I can buy more fabric for other things. I just need to figure out the a name of the Business. I have thought about naming it after the cats. The name I thought of is Royal Ragdoll Designs.

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Sun Bonnet Sue Sampler Quilt

I decided to add to my busy summer by taking a Quilting Class at the Local Hancock Fabric Store here in  Council Bluffs. The class is for 3 months and we meet on the 2nd and 4th Thursday nights of each month. I decided that I would do my quilt blocks in Metallic Reds, Greens and Golds and Very Pale Blue. The original pattern calls for only nine 9 one of each pattern and Sun Bonnet Sue. I decided that I wanted to make it a little bigger and decided with 24 blocks. The blocks above are the first two classes that I attended. The First Class was the Shoo Fly block and Friendship Star. I made 2 Shoo Fly block one in Gold and Red. The Friendship Star also has two blocks one in gold and the other Red. The Second Class day was spent on making the Churn Dash and the Grecian Square. The churn Dash blocks were made one in Green and the other in Red. The Grecian Square block, I made 2 blocks with a white center and 1 block with a colored center. The blocks with the white center I made one of each Green and Gold. the colored Center block was done in Green. I will post a entry when I get the entire quit done. It's all done in Christmas fabrics.


Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Signature Thimble Block

The Yahoo quilting group Just Quilting had a Signature Thimble Block Swap. We were asked to make thimlbes that represented either are hobbies, the state, or both. I decided to do all of my thimlbes with a Cream Floral Background to respresnt the floral designing that I do as a career. The center of the thimble is a Railroad travel print. It represents the love of trains that I and my husband have. We have traveled on Amtrack and which to do more in the future. I have rerceived the other 14 thimbles from the other ladies and will try and post them as soon as I figure out the type of pattern that I want to put them in or just post all the thimbles so that everyone can who sent them and  what area of the country that they are from.

Monday, August 24, 2009

First Saturday Club

The Local Quilt shop in Council Buffs called Kanesvillle Quilting has what is called a First Saturday Club. The club is a Block of the Month Program and you pay just $6 for the entire year. This is my first year doing the program and it's called the Reds & Blues. You either sign up for the red or blue set of blocks per person. I decided to do both sets of blocks so I paid for the start amount for both blocks. If you want to do to sets, 2 different people have to bring in the blocks each month to receive for Free or you need to pay $6 for the second block each month. My Husband comes will be coning in with me each month to get the next block for the month. I'm glad that they don't ask questions on how he made the block because he would have no clue. The month of June was the first month to get signed up and work on your first block. The first block is the Chun Dash. I went with both colors of blocks so I can make either two quilts one of each color or one larger quilt. I will post pictures and write about each block that is made every month. I wonder what type of blocks that will be in the pattern for the year.

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Challenge Block

In the Yahoo Group called Just Quilting. We receive a Challenge Fabric about every other month and need to make a 12 1/2 Quilt Block with that piece of fabric in it. The Challenge fabric is the Center Star. I decided to do a Block called a Star in a Star Block. As said earlier the Center Star is the Challenge Fabric. The fabric was a Burgundy Floral Print with shades of Mauve and Aqua flowers. The Second Star I made in a black color to show off the center star. The background fabric I used a Periwinkle cotton fabric. I found the Pattern in the Aug. 09 issue of Quilter's World Magazine. I person who wins the challenge gets all the Blocks to complete a quilt from all the challenge fabrics. If the person in charge of the Challenge fabric has extra fabric for that session will receive the extra fabric. I am thinking about doing this same pattern with a Challenge Fabric that is for a Cowboy theme in this same group.


Friday, August 21, 2009

DYB CQI Bonnie's Blocks

This is the Fifth set of blocks that were in the Anything goes Do Your Own Block Round Robin. These blocks belong to Bonnie of Missouri. The block pattern that she choose was to make all the blocks of neutral color of fancy fabrics that look like fans. It's a little hard to see some of details in the design work because of the photos. I am trying to remember all the different stitches that I did to this block. I think that from this time forward I need to write a log of what is in each block or patch of a block that I do. This will help me blog better. 
The Upper Left corner seam is done in a Spine Stitch done in a shade of Cream/Gold Color floss. The Upper Right corner seam above the fan is done in a Chevron stitch with Straight Stitch lines above with beads. On this seam I used a Golden Yellow Color floss with Cream color beads. 
The seams on the Fan were all done in different colors and different types of stitches and some have beads and other don't. I am going to try and mane the stitches starting with the Bottom Left seam. This seam is stitched with the Long & short Blanket stitch with beads on the top of each. The Floss color that I used was a shade of Olive Green floss with Cream Beads on the top of each stitch. The patch and seam directly above the blanket seam. I believe that the stitches that I tried to make was the Open Cretan Stitch The stitches were done in the same or similar shade of Golden Yellow.The Left center top of the Fan seam was done in the Glove Stitch. I think that is the stitch I tried to make. The Floss color for this seam is a little darker shade of Olive Green. The Top Center Right of the Fan seams was done in  Herringbone stitch. This stitch was done in a Medium Shade of Olive Green floss and no cream beads. The seam above the bottom right is a loop knot or Double knot stitch with a bead center.The stitches were done in the Lighter shade of Golden Yellow with cream color beads in the center of each knot. The Bottom Right Seam of the Fan was done a type of Fern Stitch. The stitch was done in a Darker shade of Gold / Olive Green Floss with out any beads in the seam.
I forgot to take a picture of the rest of the blocks in her set but they all looked very beautiful with all the professional stitching that was done on the blocks.

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Romance Block Home

My Romance Block has finally made it's way home after traveling the world. I asked for everyone to try and not embellish the block without beads to protect my kittens. The First person to work on the Block was Elyse of Massachusetts. Elyse worked on one of the purple patches of the block. The patch that she worked on has a buttonhole stitch edge and a mirror in the center of the patch with a variegated eyelash fibers.
The Second person to work on the block was Carol of Florida. Carol worked on the upper left corner of the block. Which was one of the chocolate colored corners. She made a Floral Bouquet , a Vine of feather stitches with french knots. The patch below that corner she added a blanket stitch around the hearts to make them look like conversation hearts.The quotes are outlined with a brown sparkly thread.
The third person to work on the block was Carol of Canada. She added a simple vine with french knot flowers and detached petal leaves to one of the purple other purple sections of the block..The seam treatment was done with a ribbon for flowers. She build her patch to be kitten friendly.
The Fourth person to work on the block was Rae of Sweden. She added some decorations to the Heart and quote sections in the lower left corner of the block. She added  Red ribbon to the Seam with some Lazy daisy stitched flowers on the top of the ribbon.The quotes are trimmed in a red ribbon or yarn.
The Fifth person to work on the block was Gina from the Swansea area of the United Kingdom. She worked on the lower right Chocolate section of the block. The seam was done in a white heart lace ribbon. The patch portion of that area was done in small hearts of assorted colors.
The Sixth person to work on the block was Ani from the Kingsbridge Devon area of the United Kingdom. Ani applied a appliqued heart to the center patch of the block. Red and white beads were added to the center to give them more interest.
The Seventh person to work on this block was Susie from the Thatcham Berks area of the United Kingdom. Susie added 3 different tatted pieces to the block.All of the tatted pieces were made by Susie. She made a  Gold Circle with Lavender Ribbon Roses. The pink daisy flower is next to the Golden Circle . The seam that she worked with either a tatted pink or peach trim that had a lavender detached chain above each ring of that piece.
The Eighth person to work on the block was Janet from the Plymouth Devon area of the Untied Kingdom. Janet worked plain pink patch in the upper right corner of the block. She added a tatted Butterfly to the center of that patch. She worked on the pink seam treatment at the bottom of the block and added lavender butterfly ribbon.
I tried to give credit to all the ladies who did certain areas fo the block. If I forgot something I am very sorry about not writing about that beautiful area of the block.

Saturday, August 15, 2009

CQI-FF Sampler

I realized that I never blogged about my Quilt block after it came home from going around the world in this Round Robin. Each month we were asked to do a different stitch or two on the block that was sent to us for the month. I also made a quilted Journal for everyone to write, and have space to doddle designs. I will try and tell you details about each of the stitches and the person who stitched them.

The First Month was for the owner of the Block to Do a Herringbone Stitch. I personally decided to 3 different styles of the Herringbone design. I did the regular herringbone stitch, double herringbone stitch and a closed herringbone stitch. The optional stitch was to do a detached chain stitch. I did a detached chain stitch on some of the flowers that are in the princess fabric.
The Second Month was to do a Cretan Stitch . Sandy from Maryland. She stitched the Cretan stitch in a Green type of thread with Pink and green beads and sequins.. The optional stitch for the month was to make a spider web rose. The silk ribbon that Sandy used was in shades of pinks.
The third month was to do a Chevron stitch. This month's stitches were done by Wendy from Alabama. She did the Chevron stitch in a Fuchsia color floss. The optional stitch was french knot. She embellished the Center block with the Princess. The bottom edge of the dress was done in white french knots. The bodice of the dress was done in pink beading around the edge. Wendy did alot of different stitches on this block. The fuchsia lazy daisy flowers, yellow Cretan stitch and all the work that was done on the lime green rick rack seam.
The fourth month was to make a Feather Stitch. This month's stitches were done by Amy of North Dakota. She did the seam on the bottom left. The feather stitch was done in a green thread. The optional stitch for the month is the Fargo rose. Amy did an entire spray of roses in the same corner of the block.
The fifth month was to make a fly stitch. This month stitches were made by Jo from New Zealand. I hope that from reading the notes that I figured out what sitiches that she made. The fushia fly stitch looks like she made it. In the upper right conrer. The pink section that has the stitches that look like different types of snowflakes is hers.
The sixth and Final month was to be a buttonhole stitch. The person that was to do that month dropped out of the group. I thought that the block looked complete enough that I didn't do any of the stitches for that month.


Sunday, August 2, 2009

Just Quilting June BOM

In the Yahoo Quilting Group called Just Quilting, we have the oppurtunity to be in the Block of the Month Challenge. We can make as many of the blocks for the month that we wish and we have a drawing to see who gets all the blocks for the month to make a quilt out of everyone's blocks. The Pattern that was chosen for the month of June to do was called Hooray to Canada. THe orginal pattern was to be in red and white colors. The Group changed  the colors around and we were asked to use creams, blues, and green. THe four patch section was to be done in green, hst's done in blue and the background in cream fabric. I was informed that I won the drawing for the month and received the sqares from the rest of the group. I am working on finishing the top of the quilt and need to make a extra 4 - 5 blocks of my blocks to have a more uniform color pattern of the quilt. I will have pictures of that quilt when I get it done in the next month. I have a lot of quilts that have blocksc started and need to be pieced together.