Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Sun Bonnet Sue Sampler Quilt

I decided to add to my busy summer by taking a Quilting Class at the Local Hancock Fabric Store here in  Council Bluffs. The class is for 3 months and we meet on the 2nd and 4th Thursday nights of each month. I decided that I would do my quilt blocks in Metallic Reds, Greens and Golds and Very Pale Blue. The original pattern calls for only nine 9 one of each pattern and Sun Bonnet Sue. I decided that I wanted to make it a little bigger and decided with 24 blocks. The blocks above are the first two classes that I attended. The First Class was the Shoo Fly block and Friendship Star. I made 2 Shoo Fly block one in Gold and Red. The Friendship Star also has two blocks one in gold and the other Red. The Second Class day was spent on making the Churn Dash and the Grecian Square. The churn Dash blocks were made one in Green and the other in Red. The Grecian Square block, I made 2 blocks with a white center and 1 block with a colored center. The blocks with the white center I made one of each Green and Gold. the colored Center block was done in Green. I will post a entry when I get the entire quit done. It's all done in Christmas fabrics.


Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Signature Thimble Block

The Yahoo quilting group Just Quilting had a Signature Thimble Block Swap. We were asked to make thimlbes that represented either are hobbies, the state, or both. I decided to do all of my thimlbes with a Cream Floral Background to respresnt the floral designing that I do as a career. The center of the thimble is a Railroad travel print. It represents the love of trains that I and my husband have. We have traveled on Amtrack and which to do more in the future. I have rerceived the other 14 thimbles from the other ladies and will try and post them as soon as I figure out the type of pattern that I want to put them in or just post all the thimbles so that everyone can who sent them and  what area of the country that they are from.

Monday, August 24, 2009

First Saturday Club

The Local Quilt shop in Council Buffs called Kanesvillle Quilting has what is called a First Saturday Club. The club is a Block of the Month Program and you pay just $6 for the entire year. This is my first year doing the program and it's called the Reds & Blues. You either sign up for the red or blue set of blocks per person. I decided to do both sets of blocks so I paid for the start amount for both blocks. If you want to do to sets, 2 different people have to bring in the blocks each month to receive for Free or you need to pay $6 for the second block each month. My Husband comes will be coning in with me each month to get the next block for the month. I'm glad that they don't ask questions on how he made the block because he would have no clue. The month of June was the first month to get signed up and work on your first block. The first block is the Chun Dash. I went with both colors of blocks so I can make either two quilts one of each color or one larger quilt. I will post pictures and write about each block that is made every month. I wonder what type of blocks that will be in the pattern for the year.

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Challenge Block

In the Yahoo Group called Just Quilting. We receive a Challenge Fabric about every other month and need to make a 12 1/2 Quilt Block with that piece of fabric in it. The Challenge fabric is the Center Star. I decided to do a Block called a Star in a Star Block. As said earlier the Center Star is the Challenge Fabric. The fabric was a Burgundy Floral Print with shades of Mauve and Aqua flowers. The Second Star I made in a black color to show off the center star. The background fabric I used a Periwinkle cotton fabric. I found the Pattern in the Aug. 09 issue of Quilter's World Magazine. I person who wins the challenge gets all the Blocks to complete a quilt from all the challenge fabrics. If the person in charge of the Challenge fabric has extra fabric for that session will receive the extra fabric. I am thinking about doing this same pattern with a Challenge Fabric that is for a Cowboy theme in this same group.


Friday, August 21, 2009

DYB CQI Bonnie's Blocks

This is the Fifth set of blocks that were in the Anything goes Do Your Own Block Round Robin. These blocks belong to Bonnie of Missouri. The block pattern that she choose was to make all the blocks of neutral color of fancy fabrics that look like fans. It's a little hard to see some of details in the design work because of the photos. I am trying to remember all the different stitches that I did to this block. I think that from this time forward I need to write a log of what is in each block or patch of a block that I do. This will help me blog better. 
The Upper Left corner seam is done in a Spine Stitch done in a shade of Cream/Gold Color floss. The Upper Right corner seam above the fan is done in a Chevron stitch with Straight Stitch lines above with beads. On this seam I used a Golden Yellow Color floss with Cream color beads. 
The seams on the Fan were all done in different colors and different types of stitches and some have beads and other don't. I am going to try and mane the stitches starting with the Bottom Left seam. This seam is stitched with the Long & short Blanket stitch with beads on the top of each. The Floss color that I used was a shade of Olive Green floss with Cream Beads on the top of each stitch. The patch and seam directly above the blanket seam. I believe that the stitches that I tried to make was the Open Cretan Stitch The stitches were done in the same or similar shade of Golden Yellow.The Left center top of the Fan seam was done in the Glove Stitch. I think that is the stitch I tried to make. The Floss color for this seam is a little darker shade of Olive Green. The Top Center Right of the Fan seams was done in  Herringbone stitch. This stitch was done in a Medium Shade of Olive Green floss and no cream beads. The seam above the bottom right is a loop knot or Double knot stitch with a bead center.The stitches were done in the Lighter shade of Golden Yellow with cream color beads in the center of each knot. The Bottom Right Seam of the Fan was done a type of Fern Stitch. The stitch was done in a Darker shade of Gold / Olive Green Floss with out any beads in the seam.
I forgot to take a picture of the rest of the blocks in her set but they all looked very beautiful with all the professional stitching that was done on the blocks.

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Romance Block Home

My Romance Block has finally made it's way home after traveling the world. I asked for everyone to try and not embellish the block without beads to protect my kittens. The First person to work on the Block was Elyse of Massachusetts. Elyse worked on one of the purple patches of the block. The patch that she worked on has a buttonhole stitch edge and a mirror in the center of the patch with a variegated eyelash fibers.
The Second person to work on the block was Carol of Florida. Carol worked on the upper left corner of the block. Which was one of the chocolate colored corners. She made a Floral Bouquet , a Vine of feather stitches with french knots. The patch below that corner she added a blanket stitch around the hearts to make them look like conversation hearts.The quotes are outlined with a brown sparkly thread.
The third person to work on the block was Carol of Canada. She added a simple vine with french knot flowers and detached petal leaves to one of the purple other purple sections of the block..The seam treatment was done with a ribbon for flowers. She build her patch to be kitten friendly.
The Fourth person to work on the block was Rae of Sweden. She added some decorations to the Heart and quote sections in the lower left corner of the block. She added  Red ribbon to the Seam with some Lazy daisy stitched flowers on the top of the ribbon.The quotes are trimmed in a red ribbon or yarn.
The Fifth person to work on the block was Gina from the Swansea area of the United Kingdom. She worked on the lower right Chocolate section of the block. The seam was done in a white heart lace ribbon. The patch portion of that area was done in small hearts of assorted colors.
The Sixth person to work on the block was Ani from the Kingsbridge Devon area of the United Kingdom. Ani applied a appliqued heart to the center patch of the block. Red and white beads were added to the center to give them more interest.
The Seventh person to work on this block was Susie from the Thatcham Berks area of the United Kingdom. Susie added 3 different tatted pieces to the block.All of the tatted pieces were made by Susie. She made a  Gold Circle with Lavender Ribbon Roses. The pink daisy flower is next to the Golden Circle . The seam that she worked with either a tatted pink or peach trim that had a lavender detached chain above each ring of that piece.
The Eighth person to work on the block was Janet from the Plymouth Devon area of the Untied Kingdom. Janet worked plain pink patch in the upper right corner of the block. She added a tatted Butterfly to the center of that patch. She worked on the pink seam treatment at the bottom of the block and added lavender butterfly ribbon.
I tried to give credit to all the ladies who did certain areas fo the block. If I forgot something I am very sorry about not writing about that beautiful area of the block.

Saturday, August 15, 2009

CQI-FF Sampler

I realized that I never blogged about my Quilt block after it came home from going around the world in this Round Robin. Each month we were asked to do a different stitch or two on the block that was sent to us for the month. I also made a quilted Journal for everyone to write, and have space to doddle designs. I will try and tell you details about each of the stitches and the person who stitched them.

The First Month was for the owner of the Block to Do a Herringbone Stitch. I personally decided to 3 different styles of the Herringbone design. I did the regular herringbone stitch, double herringbone stitch and a closed herringbone stitch. The optional stitch was to do a detached chain stitch. I did a detached chain stitch on some of the flowers that are in the princess fabric.
The Second Month was to do a Cretan Stitch . Sandy from Maryland. She stitched the Cretan stitch in a Green type of thread with Pink and green beads and sequins.. The optional stitch for the month was to make a spider web rose. The silk ribbon that Sandy used was in shades of pinks.
The third month was to do a Chevron stitch. This month's stitches were done by Wendy from Alabama. She did the Chevron stitch in a Fuchsia color floss. The optional stitch was french knot. She embellished the Center block with the Princess. The bottom edge of the dress was done in white french knots. The bodice of the dress was done in pink beading around the edge. Wendy did alot of different stitches on this block. The fuchsia lazy daisy flowers, yellow Cretan stitch and all the work that was done on the lime green rick rack seam.
The fourth month was to make a Feather Stitch. This month's stitches were done by Amy of North Dakota. She did the seam on the bottom left. The feather stitch was done in a green thread. The optional stitch for the month is the Fargo rose. Amy did an entire spray of roses in the same corner of the block.
The fifth month was to make a fly stitch. This month stitches were made by Jo from New Zealand. I hope that from reading the notes that I figured out what sitiches that she made. The fushia fly stitch looks like she made it. In the upper right conrer. The pink section that has the stitches that look like different types of snowflakes is hers.
The sixth and Final month was to be a buttonhole stitch. The person that was to do that month dropped out of the group. I thought that the block looked complete enough that I didn't do any of the stitches for that month.


Sunday, August 2, 2009

Just Quilting June BOM

In the Yahoo Quilting Group called Just Quilting, we have the oppurtunity to be in the Block of the Month Challenge. We can make as many of the blocks for the month that we wish and we have a drawing to see who gets all the blocks for the month to make a quilt out of everyone's blocks. The Pattern that was chosen for the month of June to do was called Hooray to Canada. THe orginal pattern was to be in red and white colors. The Group changed  the colors around and we were asked to use creams, blues, and green. THe four patch section was to be done in green, hst's done in blue and the background in cream fabric. I was informed that I won the drawing for the month and received the sqares from the rest of the group. I am working on finishing the top of the quilt and need to make a extra 4 - 5 blocks of my blocks to have a more uniform color pattern of the quilt. I will have pictures of that quilt when I get it done in the next month. I have a lot of quilts that have blocksc started and need to be pieced together.

Sunday, July 5, 2009

DYB Simona' s Block

This is the 3rd set of blocks out of 6 sets. This set of blocks belongs to Simona from Italy. This is the Do Your Block Anything Goes Round Robin in the Crazy Quilting International Yahoo Group.
Simona decided that she wanted her blocks to have a Under the Sea theme to them.
The block that I choose had a look to it that seemed to look like a shelf that might be in the bottom of the Ocean or Sea. The accents that I added are as follows. In the lower right corner I used a beaded Ribbon to add the affect of a Fish making bubbles in the water. The beads are in a shade of blues. The Green Seaweed or Water Grass is stitched with different shades of Green DMC floss. The seam above the Blue Bubbles is made to look like a Coral Reef shelf on seam. I used a pale yellow to a med. yellow glass bead to get the above affect. The space in the Center front. I only added a few different shaped fish to that space. The Fish are done in a shade of yellow or gold thread, and added a yellow glass bead for the eye portion of the fish.


Saturday, July 4, 2009

Autumn Block Angelina's Block

This is the 7th block of 12 in the Autumn Round Robin from the Crazy for Quilting Yahoo Group.
This block belongs to Angelina of the UK. I choose the patch that had had the large flower motif. I decided to make the flowers have more of a denominational look. The thread that I choose is so close to the actual color of the fabric that you can barely tell that I did anything. I stitched around each of the flowers, leaves, and vines. The center of each of the flowers that had centers present I added some beads to the center to give it more of a glamorous look and feel to the flowers. I can't remember that I did for a seam treatment for this block. Sorry, I thought that I remembered what we did to the block while I was on vacation to Northern Minnesota.


Friday, July 3, 2009

Auttumn RR Susie's block

This is my 6th block of 12 in this Round robin from the Crazy for Quilting Yahoo Group. The above block was one of the harder blocks for me to decide on how to embellish because I was just unsure of what I was going to do. I decided to accent the center flower with cream color beads to make the center portion of the flower more textured. I added a brown shade ribbon to the bottom of the patch in the center of the block. The seam stitch that I decided to do on the edge of the patch. The stitch is a a trailing or winding vine in a taupe or lt. gold color.
I hope that I am giving credit to the correct person who pieced the block. I forget to make my list while was on vacation in Minnesota.


Saturday, June 13, 2009

Blue Color Study Sue block

In the Crazy Quilting for Newbies group. I am in the blue cor study group called Slate Blue. The above block belongs to Sue. I decided to make both of Her Initials for this patch. I did the letter "S" in a medium blue shade of thread. The Letter "W" was done in a darker shade of blue thread. I also added 2 Blue Dragonflies by the initials. The seam above the letters I made was s diamond shape with different types of stitches for the center.


Friday, June 12, 2009

May BOM Just quilting

The Just quilting group we do a different block each month. The block style choosen for the month of MAy is callefd a Grecian Block. The block needed to be in a blue center and yellow hst. This is one of the first blocks that I have done since I figured out that my seam allowances were off. I was using a 3/8 seam insread of a 1/4 seam. It doesn't difference when you are sewing clothes but it seems to make a big difference when quilting.


Thursday, June 11, 2009

HIgh Light Quilt

This quilt pattern is called High Light. I made this quilt for High School girl that I work with for graduation. I used different types of black and white fabric to make the main blocks and a teal swirl fabric. The black and white blocks are different types of Fashion prints. The patterns includes a black polka dot, Sewing pins, Silhouettes in black and white, and different fashions patterns. I used the Hobbs fusible quilt batting and a black anad white dot fabric for the back. I free motion stitched the entire quilt with black thread. I don't know if you can see the free motion stitching but it my second or third time doing it.


Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Blue Color Study Nina block

In the Yahoo Group called Crazy quilting for Newbies. I am currently in a the Blue Color study Round Robin. The group that I am a member of is called the Slate Blue Group. I worked on the light blue patch of Nina's block. I made the "N" with different shades of blue threads and added blue flowers with some leaves. The seam that I did I added some dangling beads. The beads seem to be longer than I thought so they may get in others way while they are designing. The color seems to be a little harder for me to do. The color is just not hitting me right.


Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Gina's Autumn Block

In the Crazy for Quilting Yahoo Group.This is the 5th block of 12 in this Round Robin. This is part of the Round Robin group that is doing a Autumn theme.
The above block belongs to Gina. I worked on the Dark brown patch. I made two different colors of wheat stems with a raffia bow. The seam stitch that I did was a single herringbone in a shade of brown or tan. I am starting to have a difficult time trying to make different types of stitches then I have already done. I just don't want to be known for doing the same stuff.


Monday, June 8, 2009

DYB - Meg S Block

In the Yahoo Group called Crazy Quilting International. I am currently in a Round Robin called DYB Anything Goes. You have to complete a entire block for each person in the group. The blocks that Meg chose are in shades of blue. On this block I took a minimal use of embellishing theme because the blocks were so pretty on their own that only assenting them would be the best. In the four corners I used some Blue Bulgar Beads to make a half snowflake in each. The patch to the right of the center patch I used a light blue thread to go around some of the circles and make them seem 3 deimcinal in nature. The patch in the lower center I used a blue bead in the center of the flowers that were at the end of each stem.The patch center left I added green beads to the edge of a ciecle that has a lime green center. On that seam I used a gold thread and made seires of gold snowflakes. The top center patch I think that I only did a Chevron stitch because the fabric was a beutiful pattern that needs no extra accents. The photo on the right is of all six blocks that are in Meg's Series.


Sunday, June 7, 2009

DYB - Lisa B Block

In the Yahoo Group Crazy Quilting International, I am currently in a Round Robin that is called DYB Anything Goes. The above blocks belong to Lisa. All six blocks have different fairies on them. I choose the Fairies that are holding the Hydrangea flowers. I stitched the block with different shades of yellow beads and green threads. The fairies are holding the Hydrangeas. You can't see the beads very well but in the center of the hydrangeas each has a pale yellow beads. That is on both of the hydrangeas. The taller fairy has a brighter yellow beads that accent the layers of the dress she is wearing. The patch above the fairies I made a spider web with a spider and jeweled leaves that look stuck in the web. The patch to the left of the Fairies I made a Pale yellow Beaded Larkspur flower. I could even be Delphnium. When I try to stitch flowers I try and make them look as realistic as possilbe. I guess since I work with flowers everyday I want them to look similar to what I work with. The patch to the right of the fairies I decided to put the letter "L" in pink. I also added a couple of jeweled dragonflies to the patch. The patch below the fairies is stitched with a flower that looks similar to a row of daisies or pansies.


Monday, May 25, 2009

Princess Quilts

The photos above are pictures of the 2 Princess lap quilts that I made with fabrics from a quilt kit from the Quilts from the Bluffs Quilt Ministry that I belong to. The quilt on the left side is done in a kind of modified Log Cabin style block. I tried to use the same fabrics but in a different order for each block to give it more interest. The quilt has 8 of the Disney Princess picture blocks on the front with 2 name blocks. I forgot to take a picture of the back size of this quilt because I had a couple of extra Princess blocks and extra 4 patch blocks from the other quilt. That I made a different pattern on the back side as well. Sorry that forgot to take a picture of the back of this one. The photo on the right is the other Princess Quilt that I made. I had enough of the Belle Blocks to have one in each corner and the Name block in the Center. The 4 patch blocks are made out of a Barbie Princess Print, Lavender Floral Print, Pink block Flower Print. The backing on the quilt is done in a pink flannel with a pink stripe binding to give it more interest. The photos of the quilt blocks seem a little off in Color because I was trying to play with the Color saturation to get better quality and seem to make it worse.


Friday, May 8, 2009

April Challenge block

The Just Quilting group from Yahoo every month has a Challenge block that every one can make a quilt block to make. You need to make a Quilt block from the Fabric that is sent every month and use fabric from your stash already.
This month the Challenge fabric was a the orange with different color dots. You need to design a 12-1/2 quilt block out of this fabric and others. I decided to make a quilt block from a pattern called Wagon trail. I found the pattern on Quilt Cache .com or something like that. I will need to look at the pattern to make sure I gave proper credit to the right website. I mailed the block to the person who is in charge of receiving the challenge blocks. The quilt blocks are judged by a person who is a non quilter and just looks at the blocks and decides which block is the prettiest and that person wins. This is my first month doing this and I think that the person who wins get all the blocks and they can finish a quilt out of the blocks that are sent in.

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Blue Color Study

This is my naked block for the Blue Color study in the Crazy Quilting for Newbies Yahoo group. This is the third color study I have been in for this group.The people who are involved in the color study are divided into groups of 6 and the group that I am in is called Slate Blue. One of the only criteria for doing the blue color study is the same as the past groups. You are only allowed to use shades of blue fabric and only shades of blue threads and any accents that you add should also be in those shades as well. This is the first block that I have made that has used other fabrics besides cotton. I used some satins and silks to build this block.
The first photo is of the naked block.
The second photo is of the companion journal for all the members in my group to add a small note to go with the block.

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

April Block of the Month Flying Geese

The online quilting group called Just Quilting has a block of the month program that we can be a part of. The group this year is using a block of the month program from a quilting group called Fraser Valley Quilters' Guild. The block of the month that they picked for April is called Geese in Spring. You make as many blocks as you would like for the month and at the end of the month their is a drawing for a couple of winners and every one that has participated sends the blocks they have done to the winners and they make a quilt out of the blocks that every one has sent them. I made 4 blocks for the month of April. I used a lot of bright colors and prints to make my geese fly. I did not win this month. I won the fat quarter month for the Month of March. I will be trying to make a turning twenty quilt for the fat quarters.

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

April Block of the Month

The quilt block for the month of April at is called a Girl's Favorite. The block was to be done in green, cream, red, and tan. I decided to do the block in a bright color scheme. my quilt block was done in green, aqua, black, orange and swirl fabrics. This block had a lot of triangle pieces. It was one of my first times making this type of block. I think that I did a okay job at making the block turn out to the right size.
The month also had you do two extra parts that will be used later in the pattern. Part 2 of the month was to make 4 nine patch blocks out of the cream and red. I used the aqua and black instead. Part 3 was to make 8 half square triangles out of the aqua and swirl fabric.

Monday, May 4, 2009

March Block of the Month

This is the third block in website. The quilt is called Memory lane.
The block for the month of March is called the Ohio Star. The block was to be in in creams, reds and browns. I decided to change the color pattern up and make my blocks and quilt a little bolder. I am just learning how to quilt and this is good practice for me. I have the color choosing down. I just need to learn how to be more precise with my cutting and sewing of the seams and blocks.

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Janet B Autumn Block

In the Crazy For Quilting Yahoo group, This block is the 4th of the 12 in Autumn Block and belongs to Janet. I have done a couple of round robins in this group with her before. Her block is a pastel palette of autumn colors. I made a tree that is similar to a Wisteria tree and did a half wagon wheel design on the seam with a lavender/purple Bead in the center of each wheel. All of Her Blocks that I work on with her in the Round Robins are all shades of pastels. I think that she is doing a entire crazy quilt with all pastels blocks and stitching, The quilt should look wonderful. I hope that I am able to see the entire quilt done.

Monday, March 30, 2009

Feb Anything goes Do A Block

In the Crazy Quilting International Quilt Group, I am in a Round Robin that is called Anything Goes Do Your Own Block. I decided that the starter blocks that are in pinks, Valentine Fabric, and Romantic Quotes.
For this Round Robin you need to make six starter blocks that are 6-7 inches in size for the design area. Each person in the group does an entire block to embellish the way that they want and follow the pattern that the original person has started. The blocks that I have chosen to do. The only special instructions that I left was that the blocks were going to be made into a quilt for a child that the Quilt Ministry I belong to or it will be made into a Project Linus Quilt. The special instructions are that you can't use things that would get tangled up with IV's or anything that could be put into a child's mouth that they could choke on. You can't use any clear thread or anything like that.
I will be glad to see what everyone in the group has done to the quilt blocks. I'll keep everyone posted. The blocks will return in about 6 months.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Romance block Carol K

In the Crazy For Quilting Yahoo Group. This is the final block for me to work on. The Block belongs to Carol K. Carol made 4 smaller quilt blocks that the group could work on part of one block or all four blocks.
I added to just one of her blocks. One of the seams I added 3 heart shape buttons. The center of the block I made a small line of Ribbon Roses with yellow bead center. The stems are made to have a bouquet look or a just cut from the garden look. On the second seam I made a slanted beaded fence or flowers on a slant. My block should be coming home soon and I will let you all see it when it goes home after being gone for over a year.

Feb. Block of the Month

This is the Second block in the Block of the Month Pattern at The pattern is called the Road to California. I changed the colors in the pattern because I wanted a more bold and bright colors. I used aqua in place of white, black for red, orange for tan, swirl for brown. I guess that I will have to see what all the blocks look like together before I know if I'm going to like it or not. I think that I did a pretty good job of piecing the block together. I haven't done sane quilting for long but I'm not sure if I like it better than Crazy Quilting or Not. It doesn't take as long to get a block done as Crazy Quilting. You just have to be more precise about how you palce the fabric and follow direction on the pattern.

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Quilt Ministry Quilt

This quilt is one from the Quilt ministry and I'm not sure what pattern that it is but the color combination is great. I quilted the center portion of the quilt in a diagonal. I started out by doing each of the block section with the stitch in the ditch fist. I stitched the diagonal line in a free hand style. The outer border as quilted in diamond pattern that matches the inner diagonal lines. The back of the quilt is a ivory flannel. The binding was done in a decorative stitch that went with the design of the quilt or the stitch pattern that I did. I am not sure that person or group will get i it but I know that it will be loved or used to keep the warm and feel comfortable if only for one night. Since the quilt is a little larger than lap size it could go to the Hospice or Mohm's Place Homeless Shelter. I know that all of us who worked on the quilt did it with love and the hope that it will comfort someone at a time of need.

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Yellow Color Study Home

My yellow color study block came home at the end of January. The group that I was in was called the Yellow Bananas. The group that I was in had 5 people and each person had the option of working on 1 to 3 patches and 2 to 3 seams. Janet worked on the block for the month of September. Janet did 3 seams and one patch. The patch she did has the Rose button with Gold leaves. The seams I think she did were as follows the leafy seam with a butterfly, feather stitch with lazy daisy. Most of the thread that she was used hand dyed.
Connie worked on the block during the month of October. Connie did the feather stitch on the striped fabric with a variegated yellow thread,She added Rick rack on the ribbed patch. She placed a assortment of yellow buttons on one of the seams. A different seam has the metallic ribbon with rectangle dangles.
Marianne worked on the block during the month of November. Marianne added hand dyed Venice lace with gold metallic thread. She also added a piece of vintage lace with hand tatting and Bumblebee buttons. One of the seams was created in a Victorian Fringe. I have decided to leave it looped.
Pam was the last to work on the block and she had it for the month of December. Pam added a letter "L" to the block with metallic cording. She made a pot of flowers for a different patch. Pam added a Gold Star and heart Button. The last seam that she did was either the dangles or the ribbon that has the beads in the center.
I hope that I gave the proper recognition to the right people for their sections of the block. I also quilted a journal to go with this block and and all of the rest of the Round Robins that I have done for the past year.
I will post on my next blog on how that I make my journals because it is not as hard as it looks.

Monday, February 23, 2009

2009 Block of the Month

I thought that in 2009 that I would try and learn how to do some sane quilting as well as crazy quilting. The quilt ministry that I'm in has a few people that do a Block of the Month from
This is the January Block of the Month. I beleive that it is called Lady of the Lake. The Colors that I choose were bright and colorful. The fabric that you need for each block for the entire year was listed. The January block I used a Green & Aqua solid fabric. I didn't realize that all the fabric that I choose were all solids except for one and they are all bright colors. The pattern says that you need 4 blocks for the quilt. I may have to make more of some of the blocks if It's not large enough for our bed. I will post the block for Feburary soon. I hope that I chose colors that go togethere well. If not I will just donate it to the Quilt minisrty at the ens of the year.

I think that I should take some basis beginner quilting classes so that I can learn to piece quilt parts together better. I think it may help if I get a 1/4" quilt foot to make sure all my seams are straight and in line. I didn't realize that quitling was such a excact caculations of size and seams. I f the seams are not correct the block will be off and so will the entire quilt when done.

Friday, February 20, 2009

Jan Quilt Day Quilts

The following picutres are from quilts that I made at a local Quilt Ministy Group in Council Bluffs called Quilts of the Bluffs. I was able to finish these two Lap quilts made of Flannel Fabric. I had never done a regular type of quitl before and especially never done it with flannel fabric. The quilt that is pictures is called a Barney Block. I got the fun pleasure of working with this robot anf spaceship fabrics. I was able to use some of my decorative stitches for each quilt.

The Pictures at the top of this posting are a closeup of the decorative stitches that I did for each quilt block in the quilt. The bottom photos are of the quilts finished and almost finished. All of the quilts that we make at this Minisrty either go to Project Linus or to Local and Area hospitals. I think that thte group is taking over 80 quilts to the Project Linus Blanket Day here in the Omaha/Council Bluffs area. The group is always looking for quilters to come anad join us the first Saturday of every month. I you are unable to attend and would like to help out in any way. We do accept donations of fabric, batting, sewing supplies and notions that are associated with quilting. I have just started with is group and I already feel a sense of satifaction. I know that I am helping others out and making them feel better in a time of need.

Yellow Color Study Dec

This is the final month of the Yellow Color Study group. I'm not sure why that I forgot to blog about the months of November and December except that I forgot to. The block that I had the pleasure of working on for the month belonged to Janet P. The fabrics that she choose were rich in color and texture. I decided that he block needed to have a yellow Butterfly. The last butterfly that I made was in the purple color study. The butterfly was done in different shades of Yellow DMC Floss. I did two different seam treatments for this block. The first that I did was a beaded Feather stitch. That was fun to do but yet very challenging because of how even you needed to mkae the stitches to look as even as possilbe. The second seam that I did was also beaded but I couldn't begin to tell you what I was trying to do but the seam turned out great loooking. I tried to make it look like a chain or something. It was my first attempt at doing something that I wasn't very comfortable doing. I think that being in some of these different quilt groups has allowed my mind to be more creative and to try new and exciting things.