Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Quilt Ministry Quilt

This quilt is one from the Quilt ministry and I'm not sure what pattern that it is but the color combination is great. I quilted the center portion of the quilt in a diagonal. I started out by doing each of the block section with the stitch in the ditch fist. I stitched the diagonal line in a free hand style. The outer border as quilted in diamond pattern that matches the inner diagonal lines. The back of the quilt is a ivory flannel. The binding was done in a decorative stitch that went with the design of the quilt or the stitch pattern that I did. I am not sure that person or group will get i it but I know that it will be loved or used to keep the warm and feel comfortable if only for one night. Since the quilt is a little larger than lap size it could go to the Hospice or Mohm's Place Homeless Shelter. I know that all of us who worked on the quilt did it with love and the hope that it will comfort someone at a time of need.


  1. I have had a look at your blog for the first time today, I love the tree with red beads in your earlier post. Extremely clever. I will be back to visit.

  2. Laura, your crazy quilting is so pretty, makes me want to get back to mine. I have many blocks that need embelishment, but I get bogged down with the same old stitches. I have several books with stitches, and the entire web to get ideas from, I don't know what I'm waiting for, time maybe. Karen from Justquilting.


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