Thursday, February 28, 2008

Winter blues

The snow is starting to melt from the rain and snow weather advisory that we had on Monday the 25th. The ice is starting to go away and not make things as difficult to walk around. I am working on Janet's Quilt block from the Romance RR in the Crazy for Quilting Group. I will be posting pictures of this and all the rest of the blocks that are part of this Study. I am also starting on my block for the Purple Color Study for the CQ for Newbies Group. The block is starting to come to shape. I will be taking photos of all the quilt blocks that will be going through each of the quilt groups.
I need to add a little spring and sunshine to my blog because it is so cold and snowy here that I need a bright spot to add some color. This photo is from the dock my in law's home in Washington, North Carolina on The Palimco Sound. His Mom lives about an hour west of the Outer Banks and Lookout Lighthouse. It is a beautiful area to visit and the people are great. His mom's friends say that we are from the extreme North, because we use all the vowels and letters in words when we speak.

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

I received Janet's Romance Block from the Crazy for Quilting today. I need to look at it for a couple of days and decide what I want to add to the block. I have never really embellished quilt blocks before and if I have I have only done it with my decorative stitches on my sewing machine. I hope that I do a good job. I need to now learn how to add pictures to my blog and get them off the camera without getting a Photo Cd to do so. I just may do it that way so that I can always have a hard copy of all my photos that I want to keep. I will just have to take a lot of pictures every week to go through and get a Cd made from the print shop at work.
I finally made the page that I want and am pleased to say that it looks very good for a person like me who can't figure out how to find her way around the computer.
My two little boys look so innocent sleeping in the picture, you couldn't tell that they get into mom's yarn and fabric when ever they can. I let them be in my sewing room with me because if I don't they will cry like all little children do, even though they are only Kittens.