Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Quilt Ministry Quilt

This quilt is one from the Quilt ministry and I'm not sure what pattern that it is but the color combination is great. I quilted the center portion of the quilt in a diagonal. I started out by doing each of the block section with the stitch in the ditch fist. I stitched the diagonal line in a free hand style. The outer border as quilted in diamond pattern that matches the inner diagonal lines. The back of the quilt is a ivory flannel. The binding was done in a decorative stitch that went with the design of the quilt or the stitch pattern that I did. I am not sure that person or group will get i it but I know that it will be loved or used to keep the warm and feel comfortable if only for one night. Since the quilt is a little larger than lap size it could go to the Hospice or Mohm's Place Homeless Shelter. I know that all of us who worked on the quilt did it with love and the hope that it will comfort someone at a time of need.

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Yellow Color Study Home

My yellow color study block came home at the end of January. The group that I was in was called the Yellow Bananas. The group that I was in had 5 people and each person had the option of working on 1 to 3 patches and 2 to 3 seams. Janet worked on the block for the month of September. Janet did 3 seams and one patch. The patch she did has the Rose button with Gold leaves. The seams I think she did were as follows the leafy seam with a butterfly, feather stitch with lazy daisy. Most of the thread that she was used hand dyed.
Connie worked on the block during the month of October. Connie did the feather stitch on the striped fabric with a variegated yellow thread,She added Rick rack on the ribbed patch. She placed a assortment of yellow buttons on one of the seams. A different seam has the metallic ribbon with rectangle dangles.
Marianne worked on the block during the month of November. Marianne added hand dyed Venice lace with gold metallic thread. She also added a piece of vintage lace with hand tatting and Bumblebee buttons. One of the seams was created in a Victorian Fringe. I have decided to leave it looped.
Pam was the last to work on the block and she had it for the month of December. Pam added a letter "L" to the block with metallic cording. She made a pot of flowers for a different patch. Pam added a Gold Star and heart Button. The last seam that she did was either the dangles or the ribbon that has the beads in the center.
I hope that I gave the proper recognition to the right people for their sections of the block. I also quilted a journal to go with this block and and all of the rest of the Round Robins that I have done for the past year.
I will post on my next blog on how that I make my journals because it is not as hard as it looks.

Monday, February 23, 2009

2009 Block of the Month

I thought that in 2009 that I would try and learn how to do some sane quilting as well as crazy quilting. The quilt ministry that I'm in has a few people that do a Block of the Month from
This is the January Block of the Month. I beleive that it is called Lady of the Lake. The Colors that I choose were bright and colorful. The fabric that you need for each block for the entire year was listed. The January block I used a Green & Aqua solid fabric. I didn't realize that all the fabric that I choose were all solids except for one and they are all bright colors. The pattern says that you need 4 blocks for the quilt. I may have to make more of some of the blocks if It's not large enough for our bed. I will post the block for Feburary soon. I hope that I chose colors that go togethere well. If not I will just donate it to the Quilt minisrty at the ens of the year.

I think that I should take some basis beginner quilting classes so that I can learn to piece quilt parts together better. I think it may help if I get a 1/4" quilt foot to make sure all my seams are straight and in line. I didn't realize that quitling was such a excact caculations of size and seams. I f the seams are not correct the block will be off and so will the entire quilt when done.

Friday, February 20, 2009

Jan Quilt Day Quilts

The following picutres are from quilts that I made at a local Quilt Ministy Group in Council Bluffs called Quilts of the Bluffs. I was able to finish these two Lap quilts made of Flannel Fabric. I had never done a regular type of quitl before and especially never done it with flannel fabric. The quilt that is pictures is called a Barney Block. I got the fun pleasure of working with this robot anf spaceship fabrics. I was able to use some of my decorative stitches for each quilt.

The Pictures at the top of this posting are a closeup of the decorative stitches that I did for each quilt block in the quilt. The bottom photos are of the quilts finished and almost finished. All of the quilts that we make at this Minisrty either go to Project Linus or to Local and Area hospitals. I think that thte group is taking over 80 quilts to the Project Linus Blanket Day here in the Omaha/Council Bluffs area. The group is always looking for quilters to come anad join us the first Saturday of every month. I you are unable to attend and would like to help out in any way. We do accept donations of fabric, batting, sewing supplies and notions that are associated with quilting. I have just started with is group and I already feel a sense of satifaction. I know that I am helping others out and making them feel better in a time of need.

Yellow Color Study Dec

This is the final month of the Yellow Color Study group. I'm not sure why that I forgot to blog about the months of November and December except that I forgot to. The block that I had the pleasure of working on for the month belonged to Janet P. The fabrics that she choose were rich in color and texture. I decided that he block needed to have a yellow Butterfly. The last butterfly that I made was in the purple color study. The butterfly was done in different shades of Yellow DMC Floss. I did two different seam treatments for this block. The first that I did was a beaded Feather stitch. That was fun to do but yet very challenging because of how even you needed to mkae the stitches to look as even as possilbe. The second seam that I did was also beaded but I couldn't begin to tell you what I was trying to do but the seam turned out great loooking. I tried to make it look like a chain or something. It was my first attempt at doing something that I wasn't very comfortable doing. I think that being in some of these different quilt groups has allowed my mind to be more creative and to try new and exciting things.

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Yellow Color Study Nov

I don't know why I forgot to blog about the last two months of the yellow color study. The block that I got to work on for the month of Nov. was Connie S. block. This is the second Round Robin we have been in together. The first was the purple color study. I did a patch of the block in the bottom corner. I made the flowers with a organza ribbon that had a wire running through it. The ribbon was a color combination if shades of yellow with a hint of a pale green. The center of the flowers were a yellow glass bead cluster. I also added a small golden yellow leaf to all of the flowers and stems that ran together.
I had to hide this and others of the yellow color study blocks from my kittens because of the shiny colors of the fabric. They always wanted to play with the shiny fabric and the beads and extras that were put on the blocks.