Friday, February 20, 2009

Jan Quilt Day Quilts

The following picutres are from quilts that I made at a local Quilt Ministy Group in Council Bluffs called Quilts of the Bluffs. I was able to finish these two Lap quilts made of Flannel Fabric. I had never done a regular type of quitl before and especially never done it with flannel fabric. The quilt that is pictures is called a Barney Block. I got the fun pleasure of working with this robot anf spaceship fabrics. I was able to use some of my decorative stitches for each quilt.

The Pictures at the top of this posting are a closeup of the decorative stitches that I did for each quilt block in the quilt. The bottom photos are of the quilts finished and almost finished. All of the quilts that we make at this Minisrty either go to Project Linus or to Local and Area hospitals. I think that thte group is taking over 80 quilts to the Project Linus Blanket Day here in the Omaha/Council Bluffs area. The group is always looking for quilters to come anad join us the first Saturday of every month. I you are unable to attend and would like to help out in any way. We do accept donations of fabric, batting, sewing supplies and notions that are associated with quilting. I have just started with is group and I already feel a sense of satifaction. I know that I am helping others out and making them feel better in a time of need.

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