Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Yellow Color Study Home

My yellow color study block came home at the end of January. The group that I was in was called the Yellow Bananas. The group that I was in had 5 people and each person had the option of working on 1 to 3 patches and 2 to 3 seams. Janet worked on the block for the month of September. Janet did 3 seams and one patch. The patch she did has the Rose button with Gold leaves. The seams I think she did were as follows the leafy seam with a butterfly, feather stitch with lazy daisy. Most of the thread that she was used hand dyed.
Connie worked on the block during the month of October. Connie did the feather stitch on the striped fabric with a variegated yellow thread,She added Rick rack on the ribbed patch. She placed a assortment of yellow buttons on one of the seams. A different seam has the metallic ribbon with rectangle dangles.
Marianne worked on the block during the month of November. Marianne added hand dyed Venice lace with gold metallic thread. She also added a piece of vintage lace with hand tatting and Bumblebee buttons. One of the seams was created in a Victorian Fringe. I have decided to leave it looped.
Pam was the last to work on the block and she had it for the month of December. Pam added a letter "L" to the block with metallic cording. She made a pot of flowers for a different patch. Pam added a Gold Star and heart Button. The last seam that she did was either the dangles or the ribbon that has the beads in the center.
I hope that I gave the proper recognition to the right people for their sections of the block. I also quilted a journal to go with this block and and all of the rest of the Round Robins that I have done for the past year.
I will post on my next blog on how that I make my journals because it is not as hard as it looks.

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  1. Laura, your yellow is lovely. I've been browsing blogs to get an idea of things being done. Almost too many!! Liked the ricrack treatment. It is something I have that I could do! thanks, Ruby


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