Wednesday, August 20, 2008

July 2008 FFT block

The Sampler Round Robin that I belong to in the CQ International Group has a new group of stitches to do a different person block each month. The month of July was the Chevron and French Knot Stitches. I made made a seam stitch of Two Half Chevron Stitches with a Starred Center. On one end of the Chevron Stitch has 2 different lengths of a Detached Chain with a Lavender Bead on top. The other end has 3 straight stitches with a French Knot on the Top of each. The patch that I chose I made a Bouquet of Lavender Spider Roses with stems and a Lavender Bow. I also made a heart to go with the block. I thought that it accented the roses nicely.
This Block belongs to Carol. The Booklet that was with the block didn't make it to my house from the previous person, so I made a new book for her and added a photo of the block from what I had done on it and some of what the others before me had done.

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

STS Summer Block

I was giving the opportunity to work with Susan on the Season to Season Block exchange for the summer season. You can't see it very well but in the corner in the burgundy section I made a tree with assorted red beads for the leaves and blooms. I also added a hand designed butterfly in the gold section with blue flowers to try and represent cornflowers or similar flower. I also wrote the word summer on the block. I added clear or blue beads to the center of the green tatted ribbon underneath the butterfly. I didn't look quite finished so I added some butterflies in orange to the block. The block started to bring back memories of going to the Butterfly House at the Zoo in June. I hope that Sue likes the block when it gets back to her in England.

Sunday, August 10, 2008

June FFT Sampler Block

The sampler series that I belong to in the CQ International Group is a teaching various stitches online class and get use to being part of a Quilting group. The block I had this month belonged to Kathy W. , at the right is the block that she sent to me with the Butterfly motif and the herringbone stitch with beads.
The month of June we were to add a cretan stitch, but the directions I had said chevron stitch. So I did a chevron stitch with detached chain to look similar to a flower with a cantaloupe bead in the center. The other motif was to be a spider rose but wasn't able to find the ribbon for this block, so I made a few beaded flowers with shades of brown and golds for the stems. The next person to work on this block was to be Sandra but Kathy decided not to stay with the group so her block was sent back home to her. The month of July, I get to work on Carol's block so maybe I can get to practice the spider rose on her block.

Saturday, August 9, 2008

July Purple study block

This is the final month of the Purple color study round robin in the Cq for Newbies. My final block to work on belonged to Connie S. of North Dakota. I made a tree in shades of purple threads for the trunk. The leaves of the tree are made out of assorted purple and clear beads. I was reading a article on about how to stitch the trunks of different types of trees. It also tells you how to make style the different types of leaves for the trees.
Some of the others in our little group added some fun stitching to this block as well. One person added a Ornately detail fan with beads, a spiderweb with a spider made out of button, a pretty cat button, and different types of motifs and stitches all done in purple. The next color study that we are doing is in shades of yellow.
When I started doing this color study I never knew how much people liked the different shades of purple. I have done this wedding season so far 3 weddings in shades of purple and have at least 3 more to go.

Monday, August 4, 2008

June Purple block

The theme of Tasha's block seemed to be about butterflies, buttons, & bows. I'm not sure what the reasoning is for but it's her block. We just add what we think that it needs.
This is Tasha's Block in my purple color study group the Extravagant Eggplants. I designed butterfly in shades of purple and stitched in the entire butterfly with satin stitches. The beaded item next to the butterfly was my first attempt at making a tree. I have now found the some helpful directions on how to make the tree more dimensional. I think it was a good try for my first time at a tree. I sewed all the beads on my self and didn't use any glue at all. I"m also very proud of my two kittens because when I started at crazy quilting I didn't think that I could ever use any beads on things that I did because they would play with them. I can say that so far they haven't but the beads haven't been play toy size yet. I'm hoping that they will never start to play with so I can use them on a quilt for my own home.