Wednesday, August 13, 2008

STS Summer Block

I was giving the opportunity to work with Susan on the Season to Season Block exchange for the summer season. You can't see it very well but in the corner in the burgundy section I made a tree with assorted red beads for the leaves and blooms. I also added a hand designed butterfly in the gold section with blue flowers to try and represent cornflowers or similar flower. I also wrote the word summer on the block. I added clear or blue beads to the center of the green tatted ribbon underneath the butterfly. I didn't look quite finished so I added some butterflies in orange to the block. The block started to bring back memories of going to the Butterfly House at the Zoo in June. I hope that Sue likes the block when it gets back to her in England.


  1. I enlarged your pic so I could see the tree. It's great! the large beads look like apples hanging there. =) Beautiful work on the block.

  2. I love your blocks. You do beautiful embroidery and embellishment.


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