Monday, August 4, 2008

June Purple block

The theme of Tasha's block seemed to be about butterflies, buttons, & bows. I'm not sure what the reasoning is for but it's her block. We just add what we think that it needs.
This is Tasha's Block in my purple color study group the Extravagant Eggplants. I designed butterfly in shades of purple and stitched in the entire butterfly with satin stitches. The beaded item next to the butterfly was my first attempt at making a tree. I have now found the some helpful directions on how to make the tree more dimensional. I think it was a good try for my first time at a tree. I sewed all the beads on my self and didn't use any glue at all. I"m also very proud of my two kittens because when I started at crazy quilting I didn't think that I could ever use any beads on things that I did because they would play with them. I can say that so far they haven't but the beads haven't been play toy size yet. I'm hoping that they will never start to play with so I can use them on a quilt for my own home.


  1. Love the butterfly *and* the tree! I can only imagine how beautiful they are in person.

  2. I love the butterfly. It has a stained glass look that's really beautiful!
    Judy in Indiana


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