Thursday, July 24, 2008

Henry Dooley Zoo

My sister and her family came to visit for a few days to come and see us and Grandma Great. We went to see Grandma Great at her new home her in a Nursing Home in Valley Ne. We had planned to go to the Henry Dooley Zoo in Omaha for a Day. We went to the Zoo during the Final 2 days of Games for the College World Series. The Zoo has grown a lot since the last time I was at the Zoo when I was either in Jr. High School. I can't believe that we spent a entire 8 hour day at the Zoo and still didn't see it all. I can't imagine what the Zoo will be like when it gets to take over the Baseball Stadium when it gets moved in the next 3-5 years. It will probably take at least 2 days to see the entire thing.

My niece is riding one of the animals on the merry-go round in the Petting Zoo area.
The Henry Dooley Zoo have perfected the gene process for making White Tigers. This is one way that the Zoo gets money for new exhibits. The Zoo has a Exhibit Hall for every animal by section. The next picture is of a Sun bear sunning himself, when we were in the bear exhibit you could see the bears from the outside and inside areas. The monkey swinging on the fence was really cute. The Gorilla & monkey houses were really fun because the way that the windows were made you could move in and see monkeys closer.
Sorry that I don't have pictures of the Butterfly house and the Desert Doom. The butterfly house was really fun and we had a chance to see all the different types of butterflies that are out in the world today. The Desert Doom has all the things that you would find in all of the deserts of the world. Hope that when my sister comes back this fall we can see the parts of the Zoo we missed this summer.

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