Sunday, July 13, 2008

Season to Season Summer

I finally have the to update the newest photos that I have of my season to Season Summer Starter Block. I call this block my plane, trains, and vacations block. I had a hard time my summer block because I made 2 very different styles. One of the styles was the plane, trains and vacations, and the other block was done a American theme with all different stars & stripes style of fabrics as well as having US Air Force fabric as well. I will post a picture of the block. The kittens and I decided which block to use for the Summer Season to Season. The kittens sat on the block that they most wanted me to make a quilt for our master bedroom with. I know that the block has a lot of pictures on it already so I wondering what my partners thoughts are for adding embellishments to is block are. I did a few seams and wrote a few cities that I have or would visit. I may make more of this kind of block after each vacation and add a few photos to the quilt blocks as well.

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