Thursday, July 3, 2008

Princess & Pea Block

This is my stater block for the Crazy Quilting International. The quilting round robin group is called FFT #2 { Sampler Round Robin }.
The block is made of assorted shades of pink sections in the block. It has different types of Princesses in each of the 4 corners and the center. I made a little book for everyone in the round robin to sign and write a little note as well. I am thinking about making a block like this for each one of my nieces that are under the age of 10 and make a quilt that works around this center block. I may also do one with Dora, Hannah Montana and Hello Kitty to make a quilt of little girl who is into princess and southern belle style. She is my little girlie's girl and is all about making sure everything is going together.

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  1. Hi! Thanks for stopping by to visit. The block is really cute. Don't be nervous about the RR. You do lovely needlework! Just have a ball.


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