Monday, May 25, 2009

Princess Quilts

The photos above are pictures of the 2 Princess lap quilts that I made with fabrics from a quilt kit from the Quilts from the Bluffs Quilt Ministry that I belong to. The quilt on the left side is done in a kind of modified Log Cabin style block. I tried to use the same fabrics but in a different order for each block to give it more interest. The quilt has 8 of the Disney Princess picture blocks on the front with 2 name blocks. I forgot to take a picture of the back size of this quilt because I had a couple of extra Princess blocks and extra 4 patch blocks from the other quilt. That I made a different pattern on the back side as well. Sorry that forgot to take a picture of the back of this one. The photo on the right is the other Princess Quilt that I made. I had enough of the Belle Blocks to have one in each corner and the Name block in the Center. The 4 patch blocks are made out of a Barbie Princess Print, Lavender Floral Print, Pink block Flower Print. The backing on the quilt is done in a pink flannel with a pink stripe binding to give it more interest. The photos of the quilt blocks seem a little off in Color because I was trying to play with the Color saturation to get better quality and seem to make it worse.


Friday, May 8, 2009

April Challenge block

The Just Quilting group from Yahoo every month has a Challenge block that every one can make a quilt block to make. You need to make a Quilt block from the Fabric that is sent every month and use fabric from your stash already.
This month the Challenge fabric was a the orange with different color dots. You need to design a 12-1/2 quilt block out of this fabric and others. I decided to make a quilt block from a pattern called Wagon trail. I found the pattern on Quilt Cache .com or something like that. I will need to look at the pattern to make sure I gave proper credit to the right website. I mailed the block to the person who is in charge of receiving the challenge blocks. The quilt blocks are judged by a person who is a non quilter and just looks at the blocks and decides which block is the prettiest and that person wins. This is my first month doing this and I think that the person who wins get all the blocks and they can finish a quilt out of the blocks that are sent in.

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Blue Color Study

This is my naked block for the Blue Color study in the Crazy Quilting for Newbies Yahoo group. This is the third color study I have been in for this group.The people who are involved in the color study are divided into groups of 6 and the group that I am in is called Slate Blue. One of the only criteria for doing the blue color study is the same as the past groups. You are only allowed to use shades of blue fabric and only shades of blue threads and any accents that you add should also be in those shades as well. This is the first block that I have made that has used other fabrics besides cotton. I used some satins and silks to build this block.
The first photo is of the naked block.
The second photo is of the companion journal for all the members in my group to add a small note to go with the block.

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

April Block of the Month Flying Geese

The online quilting group called Just Quilting has a block of the month program that we can be a part of. The group this year is using a block of the month program from a quilting group called Fraser Valley Quilters' Guild. The block of the month that they picked for April is called Geese in Spring. You make as many blocks as you would like for the month and at the end of the month their is a drawing for a couple of winners and every one that has participated sends the blocks they have done to the winners and they make a quilt out of the blocks that every one has sent them. I made 4 blocks for the month of April. I used a lot of bright colors and prints to make my geese fly. I did not win this month. I won the fat quarter month for the Month of March. I will be trying to make a turning twenty quilt for the fat quarters.

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

April Block of the Month

The quilt block for the month of April at is called a Girl's Favorite. The block was to be done in green, cream, red, and tan. I decided to do the block in a bright color scheme. my quilt block was done in green, aqua, black, orange and swirl fabrics. This block had a lot of triangle pieces. It was one of my first times making this type of block. I think that I did a okay job at making the block turn out to the right size.
The month also had you do two extra parts that will be used later in the pattern. Part 2 of the month was to make 4 nine patch blocks out of the cream and red. I used the aqua and black instead. Part 3 was to make 8 half square triangles out of the aqua and swirl fabric.

Monday, May 4, 2009

March Block of the Month

This is the third block in website. The quilt is called Memory lane.
The block for the month of March is called the Ohio Star. The block was to be in in creams, reds and browns. I decided to change the color pattern up and make my blocks and quilt a little bolder. I am just learning how to quilt and this is good practice for me. I have the color choosing down. I just need to learn how to be more precise with my cutting and sewing of the seams and blocks.