Friday, May 8, 2009

April Challenge block

The Just Quilting group from Yahoo every month has a Challenge block that every one can make a quilt block to make. You need to make a Quilt block from the Fabric that is sent every month and use fabric from your stash already.
This month the Challenge fabric was a the orange with different color dots. You need to design a 12-1/2 quilt block out of this fabric and others. I decided to make a quilt block from a pattern called Wagon trail. I found the pattern on Quilt Cache .com or something like that. I will need to look at the pattern to make sure I gave proper credit to the right website. I mailed the block to the person who is in charge of receiving the challenge blocks. The quilt blocks are judged by a person who is a non quilter and just looks at the blocks and decides which block is the prettiest and that person wins. This is my first month doing this and I think that the person who wins get all the blocks and they can finish a quilt out of the blocks that are sent in.


  1. You've got a very pretty block. I think the site is
    I've used patterns from there before. Ruby

  2. Hi, Laura, I'm Karen from the Justquilting group, and I was the lucky winner this month of your block and all the others. Mine was the cat sitting on the fence. You are correct in regard to the challenge rules and how the winner is picked. Your block is very pretty, and you have used the hst's in a great block. Don't you love the way the little 4-patches and hst's make up into different patterns. So many ways to use them, and the old patterns are my favorites. I like a sampler quilt of many different blocks. I have many to finish, and don't really need more but I appreciate winning. Your blog is great and very interesting. I started one a year or so ago, and have not done anything with it since. I guess I should go to it, and update and use it to advantage. I'll make that a priority this month. With all the other priorities on my list! Have fun sewing. Karen


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