Tuesday, May 5, 2009

April Block of the Month

The quilt block for the month of April at blockcentral.com is called a Girl's Favorite. The block was to be done in green, cream, red, and tan. I decided to do the block in a bright color scheme. my quilt block was done in green, aqua, black, orange and swirl fabrics. This block had a lot of triangle pieces. It was one of my first times making this type of block. I think that I did a okay job at making the block turn out to the right size.
The month also had you do two extra parts that will be used later in the pattern. Part 2 of the month was to make 4 nine patch blocks out of the cream and red. I used the aqua and black instead. Part 3 was to make 8 half square triangles out of the aqua and swirl fabric.

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  1. I hope you show more of your bom from blockcentral. It is looking good so far.


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