Friday, November 28, 2008

Sept FFT

This is Wendy's block for the FFT round robin in the Crazy Quilting International Group.
The stitches for the month of Sept were the fly stitch, spider web, and beaded motif.
I chose the corner of her block that had a black fabric with a gold metallic motif to it. I used the Gold Metallic thread from DMC to make the spider web, the spider was made out of three different shades of Yellow and Gold beads. I did not make my motif, purchased the Black flowers instead and added shading of pinks to the Center of the flower to make it sit up and have a two or three tone effect.

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Sept Yellow Color Study

Sorry for being so far behind on my posting.

This is a picture of the embellishing that I did on Pam's quilt block in the Yellow Color study. Our group is called the Yellow Bananas. The only colors that we can use in the block are shades of yellow.Some times you need to get real creative and think outside the box for shades of yellow besides the standard shades. The pattern that I chose to do was a stem of yellow hydrangea blooms or yellow stock. with a yellow blow and shades of yellow butterflies. Pam's block is very much shades of yellow with a hint to the style of being more of a spring design.

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Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Festival of Trees

This Weekend the Local Arts Council in Council Bluffs had their annual Festival Of Trees Show and Craft Sale. Area Businesses and people donated the ornaments and decorations for the Trees. The trees were donated by a Area Business. The First tree on the top of page is called They called Him Jack Frost and won a award for the best use of materials. The value of that tree was $1200.00 and the tree was 10 foot tall with pre-lit lights. The tree in the middle is hard to see but it was called Your favorite Childhood memories. That tree was valued at $300.00 and about 7 foot tall. The tree on the bottom was called Christmas in the Garden. This tree won a award for the Wildlife award. This tree was worth about $300.00. HyVee Foods, where I work also made a Tree or Vingette. The tree was called Who's That in Who-Ville. I tried to get the picture to post up since it was taken at a Vertical view it posts sideways. That is the same with the other 5 pictures that I have, I need to figure out how to post the pictures and rotate to view properly. I guess I can ask and maybe someone can tell me how to do that. I know that every year that all of the trees sell and there are unusually at least 50-75 trees. The economy the way that it was and still is all but 15 of the trees sold. You can have the tree delivered to where you want for about $50 -$100.00 a tree or just pick it up. I think that I might personally decorate a tree for the 2009 Festival of Trees. The festival is the Weekend before Thanksgiving every year. I just need to think about what type of theme to do my tree. I have began to think about what type of tree because I may want to do a Crazy Quilt Ornaments Tree with a Crazy quilt Ornaments with the help of all my crazy quilt friends from the Online Quilt Groups that I am in.