Monday, February 23, 2009

2009 Block of the Month

I thought that in 2009 that I would try and learn how to do some sane quilting as well as crazy quilting. The quilt ministry that I'm in has a few people that do a Block of the Month from
This is the January Block of the Month. I beleive that it is called Lady of the Lake. The Colors that I choose were bright and colorful. The fabric that you need for each block for the entire year was listed. The January block I used a Green & Aqua solid fabric. I didn't realize that all the fabric that I choose were all solids except for one and they are all bright colors. The pattern says that you need 4 blocks for the quilt. I may have to make more of some of the blocks if It's not large enough for our bed. I will post the block for Feburary soon. I hope that I chose colors that go togethere well. If not I will just donate it to the Quilt minisrty at the ens of the year.

I think that I should take some basis beginner quilting classes so that I can learn to piece quilt parts together better. I think it may help if I get a 1/4" quilt foot to make sure all my seams are straight and in line. I didn't realize that quitling was such a excact caculations of size and seams. I f the seams are not correct the block will be off and so will the entire quilt when done.

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