Friday, February 20, 2009

Yellow Color Study Dec

This is the final month of the Yellow Color Study group. I'm not sure why that I forgot to blog about the months of November and December except that I forgot to. The block that I had the pleasure of working on for the month belonged to Janet P. The fabrics that she choose were rich in color and texture. I decided that he block needed to have a yellow Butterfly. The last butterfly that I made was in the purple color study. The butterfly was done in different shades of Yellow DMC Floss. I did two different seam treatments for this block. The first that I did was a beaded Feather stitch. That was fun to do but yet very challenging because of how even you needed to mkae the stitches to look as even as possilbe. The second seam that I did was also beaded but I couldn't begin to tell you what I was trying to do but the seam turned out great loooking. I tried to make it look like a chain or something. It was my first attempt at doing something that I wasn't very comfortable doing. I think that being in some of these different quilt groups has allowed my mind to be more creative and to try new and exciting things.

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