Thursday, February 19, 2009

Yellow Color Study Nov

I don't know why I forgot to blog about the last two months of the yellow color study. The block that I got to work on for the month of Nov. was Connie S. block. This is the second Round Robin we have been in together. The first was the purple color study. I did a patch of the block in the bottom corner. I made the flowers with a organza ribbon that had a wire running through it. The ribbon was a color combination if shades of yellow with a hint of a pale green. The center of the flowers were a yellow glass bead cluster. I also added a small golden yellow leaf to all of the flowers and stems that ran together.
I had to hide this and others of the yellow color study blocks from my kittens because of the shiny colors of the fabric. They always wanted to play with the shiny fabric and the beads and extras that were put on the blocks.

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