Monday, March 30, 2009

Feb Anything goes Do A Block

In the Crazy Quilting International Quilt Group, I am in a Round Robin that is called Anything Goes Do Your Own Block. I decided that the starter blocks that are in pinks, Valentine Fabric, and Romantic Quotes.
For this Round Robin you need to make six starter blocks that are 6-7 inches in size for the design area. Each person in the group does an entire block to embellish the way that they want and follow the pattern that the original person has started. The blocks that I have chosen to do. The only special instructions that I left was that the blocks were going to be made into a quilt for a child that the Quilt Ministry I belong to or it will be made into a Project Linus Quilt. The special instructions are that you can't use things that would get tangled up with IV's or anything that could be put into a child's mouth that they could choke on. You can't use any clear thread or anything like that.
I will be glad to see what everyone in the group has done to the quilt blocks. I'll keep everyone posted. The blocks will return in about 6 months.

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