Sunday, August 2, 2009

Just Quilting June BOM

In the Yahoo Quilting Group called Just Quilting, we have the oppurtunity to be in the Block of the Month Challenge. We can make as many of the blocks for the month that we wish and we have a drawing to see who gets all the blocks for the month to make a quilt out of everyone's blocks. The Pattern that was chosen for the month of June to do was called Hooray to Canada. THe orginal pattern was to be in red and white colors. The Group changed  the colors around and we were asked to use creams, blues, and green. THe four patch section was to be done in green, hst's done in blue and the background in cream fabric. I was informed that I won the drawing for the month and received the sqares from the rest of the group. I am working on finishing the top of the quilt and need to make a extra 4 - 5 blocks of my blocks to have a more uniform color pattern of the quilt. I will have pictures of that quilt when I get it done in the next month. I have a lot of quilts that have blocksc started and need to be pieced together.

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