Friday, August 21, 2009

DYB CQI Bonnie's Blocks

This is the Fifth set of blocks that were in the Anything goes Do Your Own Block Round Robin. These blocks belong to Bonnie of Missouri. The block pattern that she choose was to make all the blocks of neutral color of fancy fabrics that look like fans. It's a little hard to see some of details in the design work because of the photos. I am trying to remember all the different stitches that I did to this block. I think that from this time forward I need to write a log of what is in each block or patch of a block that I do. This will help me blog better. 
The Upper Left corner seam is done in a Spine Stitch done in a shade of Cream/Gold Color floss. The Upper Right corner seam above the fan is done in a Chevron stitch with Straight Stitch lines above with beads. On this seam I used a Golden Yellow Color floss with Cream color beads. 
The seams on the Fan were all done in different colors and different types of stitches and some have beads and other don't. I am going to try and mane the stitches starting with the Bottom Left seam. This seam is stitched with the Long & short Blanket stitch with beads on the top of each. The Floss color that I used was a shade of Olive Green floss with Cream Beads on the top of each stitch. The patch and seam directly above the blanket seam. I believe that the stitches that I tried to make was the Open Cretan Stitch The stitches were done in the same or similar shade of Golden Yellow.The Left center top of the Fan seam was done in the Glove Stitch. I think that is the stitch I tried to make. The Floss color for this seam is a little darker shade of Olive Green. The Top Center Right of the Fan seams was done in  Herringbone stitch. This stitch was done in a Medium Shade of Olive Green floss and no cream beads. The seam above the bottom right is a loop knot or Double knot stitch with a bead center.The stitches were done in the Lighter shade of Golden Yellow with cream color beads in the center of each knot. The Bottom Right Seam of the Fan was done a type of Fern Stitch. The stitch was done in a Darker shade of Gold / Olive Green Floss with out any beads in the seam.
I forgot to take a picture of the rest of the blocks in her set but they all looked very beautiful with all the professional stitching that was done on the blocks.

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