Saturday, August 15, 2009

CQI-FF Sampler

I realized that I never blogged about my Quilt block after it came home from going around the world in this Round Robin. Each month we were asked to do a different stitch or two on the block that was sent to us for the month. I also made a quilted Journal for everyone to write, and have space to doddle designs. I will try and tell you details about each of the stitches and the person who stitched them.

The First Month was for the owner of the Block to Do a Herringbone Stitch. I personally decided to 3 different styles of the Herringbone design. I did the regular herringbone stitch, double herringbone stitch and a closed herringbone stitch. The optional stitch was to do a detached chain stitch. I did a detached chain stitch on some of the flowers that are in the princess fabric.
The Second Month was to do a Cretan Stitch . Sandy from Maryland. She stitched the Cretan stitch in a Green type of thread with Pink and green beads and sequins.. The optional stitch for the month was to make a spider web rose. The silk ribbon that Sandy used was in shades of pinks.
The third month was to do a Chevron stitch. This month's stitches were done by Wendy from Alabama. She did the Chevron stitch in a Fuchsia color floss. The optional stitch was french knot. She embellished the Center block with the Princess. The bottom edge of the dress was done in white french knots. The bodice of the dress was done in pink beading around the edge. Wendy did alot of different stitches on this block. The fuchsia lazy daisy flowers, yellow Cretan stitch and all the work that was done on the lime green rick rack seam.
The fourth month was to make a Feather Stitch. This month's stitches were done by Amy of North Dakota. She did the seam on the bottom left. The feather stitch was done in a green thread. The optional stitch for the month is the Fargo rose. Amy did an entire spray of roses in the same corner of the block.
The fifth month was to make a fly stitch. This month stitches were made by Jo from New Zealand. I hope that from reading the notes that I figured out what sitiches that she made. The fushia fly stitch looks like she made it. In the upper right conrer. The pink section that has the stitches that look like different types of snowflakes is hers.
The sixth and Final month was to be a buttonhole stitch. The person that was to do that month dropped out of the group. I thought that the block looked complete enough that I didn't do any of the stitches for that month.


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  1. Beautiful stitching all around! Sounds like a fun RR!


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