Saturday, August 22, 2009

Challenge Block

In the Yahoo Group called Just Quilting. We receive a Challenge Fabric about every other month and need to make a 12 1/2 Quilt Block with that piece of fabric in it. The Challenge fabric is the Center Star. I decided to do a Block called a Star in a Star Block. As said earlier the Center Star is the Challenge Fabric. The fabric was a Burgundy Floral Print with shades of Mauve and Aqua flowers. The Second Star I made in a black color to show off the center star. The background fabric I used a Periwinkle cotton fabric. I found the Pattern in the Aug. 09 issue of Quilter's World Magazine. I person who wins the challenge gets all the Blocks to complete a quilt from all the challenge fabrics. If the person in charge of the Challenge fabric has extra fabric for that session will receive the extra fabric. I am thinking about doing this same pattern with a Challenge Fabric that is for a Cowboy theme in this same group.


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