Monday, August 24, 2009

First Saturday Club

The Local Quilt shop in Council Buffs called Kanesvillle Quilting has what is called a First Saturday Club. The club is a Block of the Month Program and you pay just $6 for the entire year. This is my first year doing the program and it's called the Reds & Blues. You either sign up for the red or blue set of blocks per person. I decided to do both sets of blocks so I paid for the start amount for both blocks. If you want to do to sets, 2 different people have to bring in the blocks each month to receive for Free or you need to pay $6 for the second block each month. My Husband comes will be coning in with me each month to get the next block for the month. I'm glad that they don't ask questions on how he made the block because he would have no clue. The month of June was the first month to get signed up and work on your first block. The first block is the Chun Dash. I went with both colors of blocks so I can make either two quilts one of each color or one larger quilt. I will post pictures and write about each block that is made every month. I wonder what type of blocks that will be in the pattern for the year.

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