Friday, July 3, 2009

Auttumn RR Susie's block

This is my 6th block of 12 in this Round robin from the Crazy for Quilting Yahoo Group. The above block was one of the harder blocks for me to decide on how to embellish because I was just unsure of what I was going to do. I decided to accent the center flower with cream color beads to make the center portion of the flower more textured. I added a brown shade ribbon to the bottom of the patch in the center of the block. The seam stitch that I decided to do on the edge of the patch. The stitch is a a trailing or winding vine in a taupe or lt. gold color.
I hope that I am giving credit to the correct person who pieced the block. I forget to make my list while was on vacation in Minnesota.


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  1. I LOVE what you did with this flower design! Just breathtaking! How did you enjoy the Retreat? I've been blogging about it - finally finished it up tonight. We didn't really get to talk, did we? And did you contribute any of that WONDERFUL chocolate? LOL. Hugs, Cathy


Thank you for the comments you made on my blog. I hope that you enjoyed your trip through my blog.