Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Season to Season Spring

In the Season to Season Spring block exchange was done between Two People. Each Person did half of the Block and it didn't matter weather you did one half or a random half of the block. I exchanged blocked with Dianna and this is her block that I did the second half to. She had the car on the block already. The tree was there as well. The trim of flowers and the fence with birdbath is also hers. I added the colorful butterflies to the tinsel fabric at the top of the block. The Green section has a fern stitch design to it. The tree and the car are part of a gravel road. The road I thought would be a good touch for the car because what would the car be doing besides driving down the road or sitting under a tree. The tulips have a vine with green beads added. The beads represent new plant growth of ivy or other plants that could be in your garden for the spring. This is a block that I had to keep away from my kittens because of the fabric that had the tinsel on it. They seem to be drawn to the shiny of it and wanted to play with it and eat it as well.

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  1. Oh this is such cheerful lovely colours and sewing too...beautiful!!
    Was the car a fabric print or did you print it yourself? Either way this is delightful. Thank you for sharing with us.


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