Monday, January 5, 2009

My First Christmas Byrce & Chase

This is our First Christmas and are we having fun with the tree, Mom & Dad made sure that most of the ornaments on the tree were safe for us. You know the kind, those shatterproof plastic looking ones. We wonder which of the ornaments those are. We played with the tree and slept under the tree. The tree stayed standing the entire time that it's been up.
Bryce & I found our favorite ornaments that we like to play with. The Gold Santa with the bells are our most favorite , the beads and the pointed glitter ornaments come in a close second. We tried to scope out the tree and see if it had any presents for us. We found a lot of presents under the tree and I think that most of them are for us. I think that Mom & Dad got us a few presents. I think that there is a couple of Packages from Grandma Wava as well. I can't wait till Christmas, I hope that Mom & Dad don't go away and leave us with a babysitter. If they do maybe we can sneak a peak at our presents before they get home.

Bryce has played with all of his toys and the packages that they came in. My big brother is so tired that he doesn't even know that Mom is taking his picture under the tree. Mom does that Cookbook have any recipes that we can eat in it. I bet not because the Cookbook looks like one of those People Cookbooks and not for Kittens. Maybe mom will get a Cookbook for us to have food out of all so.

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