Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Purple block March

I finally got to working on my purple color study block from Cynthia. I had to look at it for a few days to decide what I was going to put on the Block and where I was going to place. I decided to add lilacs with beads and dragonflies. Since I'm a florist, I'm having fun trying to find ways to add flowers to my crazy quilting. I'm trying to add the different flowers besides the standard roses and the buds. I hope that these flowers look like the real thing. I had fun learning how to make them. I have been a little under the weather for the last week, I had that wonderful chest cold with the flu I think. I will be adding pictures to my blog in the next few days to a week. I have thought about making and selling a line of clothes for the American Girl Dolls and the Bitty Babies. I can design the clothes that I would want to buy for myself but couldn't fit in or just didn't think that it was a good idea for me to wear. I just need to come up with a name for a Clothing Line that I'm going to build. I also have to think about all the accessories that will be needed for every outfit. You need to have a purse, bag. jewelry, shoes, or belts and headbands.

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