Monday, September 8, 2008

Purple Color Study Home

The above picture was stitched by either Connie S. or Cynthia L. The section of the blocks that had the purple swirls was embellished with a silver running stitch to follow the pattern of the swirls. The seams of the section have a variegated length of the Blanket stitch and 2 different types of ribbon woven with 2 different shades of metallic purple tread.

The Bottom Left Photo contains a section that either Connie S or Cynthia L did. The section has a vine and flowers stitched in the middle. A Chain stitch was used on the seam. In the same Photo is a Section that I did with a Flower that looks similar to Lavender Color Hydrangea. The Butterfly in the same photo was made by Rose for my two little Boys in mind. The Bottom Right Photo has a section that was made by Tasha. The section has Yo-Yo shaped flowers either as a heart or a Regular YoYo shape. The YoYo are stemmed stitched with a silk or sheer Purple ribbon. Either Tasha or Rose made the spider Rose and the flower seam. Rose made a second section that was dedicated to the Boys also. The section has a row of Birdhouses. The boys spend a lot of time watching the birds. I hope that I gave the proper credit to the right people in the Extravagant Eggplant Group I was involved in.

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