Saturday, December 20, 2008

Chase and Who-ville blanket

My little Boy Chase is all bundled up in a fleece blanket that I made. I made this blanket for my niece for Christmas and we nicknamed it the Who-ville blanket because of the assortment of fleece dots that it has. The day he decided to wrap himself up in the blanket the high temperature for the day here in Council Bluffs was 0 -2 degrees above and the low temperature was 14 below. It seems that what ever room in the house I am at Chase is usually with me.
If I lock him out of of the spare bedroom when I am sewing, he will scratch at the door til I let him in. I don't know why he wants to be with me when I am in there but he is fascinated by the fabrics and the way the sewing machine works. You would think that he would stay away from the sewing things after he accidentally swallowed a sewing needle on day before Valentine's day. That was a expensive trip to the emergency vet clinic in Omaha.
I wonder what he and his brother Bryce are going be like this Christmas. This will be the first time either of them has had a decorated Christmas tree. Last year the boys were not even a year old and the tree was just put up with no decorations on it. This year we decided to purchase some shatterproof ornaments for the tree and place them on the lower section of the tree in case that they play with them. I didn't want them playing with the glass ornaments and breaking one because they might get hurt and cut themselves on a piece of glass.

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